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Future of Education: Roundtable Discussion

For this roundtable discussion, we gathered a group of people passionate about education—leaders in technology, founders of companies working on revolutionizing education at all levels, and a recent graduate from UT Austin who is an aspiring entertainment professional. 

Each perspective highlighted stories of the real people who work within education and the common theme throughout our dialogue was the need to build and design educational systems and products around the people at the heart of learning: teachers and students. 

It was such a pleasure and great thanks to the participants:

Laura Malcolm, co-founder of Civitas Learning 

Suzi Sosa, a co-founder of Verb 

Rahalia Senior, a recent graduate of UT Austin

Valerie Schreiner, the Chief Product Officer for Turnitin 

Nathan Gebhard, a co-founder of Roadtrip Nation

We hope you are as inspired by these conversations as we were. Watch the full Future of Education Roundtable below as well as one-on-one follow-ups.

Hear more from Nathan, including the 6 tips he would give to his younger self (and all students), here

We also spoke with Rahalia, Laura, Valerie, Suzi, and Nathan in one-one-one interviews to dig a little deeper.