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Modernist Online Classes: Service Design

Many of the projects we encounter at Modernist include designing services—the behavioral touchpoints a user may have with your company, and how those touchpoints can support a more comprehensive and purposeful brand experience.

The global pandemic has changed the way we think about interacting with a company, and while we’ll slowly recover from the pandemic, our expectations of service offerings will be fundamentally different. We’ll have a new awareness of person-to-person and digital interactions, and an altered perspective on physical proximity and the environment of service delivery. Service designers must be prepared to design for these changes in behavior, so we can still deliver value, but in new and innovative ways.

Modernist offers an online class in Service Design which helps you leverage methods of design thinking in order to produce new and compelling service and system designs. The program’s primary emphasis is on diagramming and storytelling and centers around these learning objectives:

  • Learning to create quick, low-fidelity representations of ideas, so you can test these ideas and improve upon them.
  • Embracing diagramming, storytelling, and rapid prototyping as a method of introducing a culture of creative design thinking into your team or organization.
  • Learning to visualize complex ideas, minimize complexity, and simply illustrate changes within complex systems.

This course is right for you if you are:

  • An individual creative contributor, looking to expand their skillset to include a focus on services and systems thinking.
  • A director, responsible for shepherding and managing creativity in teams.
  • A business leader, interested in bringing new forms of creative problem solving and design thinking into their groups in order to change and direct the organizational culture.

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