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IxDA: Sell Solutions by Starting With Stories

IxDA Interaction Week 2020

The design process, from start to finish, is about knowing people—their problems, needs and feelings—then creating solutions to their challenges. To achieve this, we perform extensive research, lead in-depth conversations and stay up-to-date on trends, tech, and lingo. We learn about people and develop empathy for them so we can design ways to improve their daily lives.

One of the biggest challenges in the design process is talking about research findings and innovative solutions in ways that are meaningful to different audiences. We must convey the challenges of research participants in a manner that preserves the integrity of their stories, then present our solutions with confidence and optimism.

By clearly presenting problems through research stories, our solutions become much more valuable and significant. Below are a few key qualities we’ve identified for effective narratives:

  • Show: Audio and imagery help stories come to life.
  • Emotive: Share context and participant behavior to evoke emotion.
  • Transportive: Help our audience see participants not as actors, but as relatable people.
  • Curated: Tell the stories that are most compelling in our narrative.
  • Challenging: Challenge preconceived beliefs and social norms.
  • Empathetic: Share stories in a way that evokes empathy from those who weren’t along for the journey.
  • Ethical: Stay true to those people we learned from and give them a voice during the design process.
  • Real: Always talk about real people with real problems instead of made-up characters.

The attendees of IxDA’s 2020 Interaction Week in Milan can learn more about selling innovative solutions in a workshop led by Modernist Studio partners Matt Franks and Jon Kolko. Read more about the session below:

Selling-in Innovation
February 4, 2020 from 2–6pm

During this hands-on workshop, we’ll introduce a three-step process for bringing innovation to life in a way that drives alignment and generates groundswell. This process includes:

  • Building a succinct and concrete value proposition
  • Drawing a new, optimistic vision of the future
  • Structuring and telling a persuasive story

As a result of this workshop, attendees will:

  • Be able to synthesize ethnographic data into meaningful pillars of value
  • Understand how to show an impactful story in a short sketch or storyboard
  • How to present a case for a new idea in a way that is charismatic and convincing

For more information about IxDA Interaction Week in Milan, visit the conference’s website here.