Future of Wellness

Future of Health & Wellness

Health and wellness, a traditionally conservative industry, is finally colliding with the reality of a digital world – bringing complexity, but also opportunity. These opportunities will challenge our understanding of the basics, and we’ll start to reconsider the ideas of a doctor, medicine, medical history, and treatment. 

This is what that future might look like.

Healthy Selfie

With daily visual updates, our social networks are best prepared to notice health problems before we notice them ourselves. With healthy selfie, our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok content is constantly monitored for early signs of weight fluctuation, changes in gait, depression, and presence of visual polyps. Constant training and retraining of the AI provides broad insight into national health trends, and when overlaid with local and neighborhood level socio-economic data, Healthy Selfie can positively inform policy to improve quality of life for those who need it most.

Sell My Health

Sell My Health piles on the privileges for those who agree to be monitored for maintenance of peak health and interfaced with various participating businesses, from hospitality brands to sports facilities to concierge MD’s who offer always-on house calls and telemedicine care. Sell My Health members agree to quarterly physicals and daily biometric self-monitoring – their health profile unlocks discounts and special offers. Members with poor health are incented to make positive life changes to leverage deeper discounts, and members with consistently great results enjoy personal chef services, custom tea blends, professional athlete coaching sessions, and access to acclaimed wellness gurus.  

Gut Insurance

Gut insurance, offered by the top whole and term life providers, is an ingestible health tracker that’s changing the nature of actuarial underwriting. At the forefront of insurtech innovation, a gut microbiome tracker helps predict the likelihood of heart disease, Crohn’s disease, gastrointestinal problems, and other conditions that impact medical insurance claims. Profiles of geographic regions of people have also emerged from this more scientific, less probabilistic approach to medical insurance cost structuring, and these “gut social graphs” have proven to be of great interest to myriad professional disciplines, from climate scientists to agri-anthropologists.

Mobile Health

No need to travel to a doctor’s office filled with germs, and no appointment necessary – the health-mobile comes to you once a week. It’s a one-stop-shop for a regular tuneup and for specialty diagnoses. Sit back while the technician inserts the IV-bag and flushes your liquids. A dentist performs a deep-clean and a doctor gives you a weekly physical. And for an extra fee, get a tummy tuck or a regular hit of face and neck lipo.

Medicine Hut

Located in each mall, the Medicine Hut carries all the name brands and accepts most forms of insurance. Browse aisles of anti-depressants, drop some Lipitor, Zocor, or Mevacor in your basket, and hit the discount rack for blood thinner and coagulants. You’ll find the elective surgery kiosk behind the neck and arm braces, where you can get work done on your hernia, have your tonsils removed, or have eye surgery for your cataracts. The line is usually pretty short, and no appointment is necessary. Don’t forget to scan your loyalty card when you checkout for cash back!

Is this a future we want?

Sometimes, we feel like the future is inevitable – that the push of technology and business is unstoppable. But our futures are intended to prompt introspection, particularly for those of us involved in making products and services like these. Stop and ask yourself – is this a future you want?

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