Understanding your audience is essential to design valuable
products and services.

We’ve helped educational leaders like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, University of Texas, and Microsoft identify student and teacher needs to build products that better serve them.

While working with University of Texas to create MapMyPath—a digital solution that helps students transition from community college to university—we uncovered unexpected user needs.

In our research, we met with a variety of students, teachers, and counselors, who expressed feelings like these:

“I’m legitimately terrified of having to pay back my student loan.”

At Modernist, we craft custom research methods that go beyond typical focus groups to help clients learn about their users.

Video Diary
Giving us an intimate view into people’s homes and workplace.

Day In The Life
Timelines help teachers remember their busy days.

Day In The Life
Timelines help teachers remember their busy days.

By truly understanding these needs, your organization can build empathy, improve retention, and grow trust—strengthing the emotional connection with your business or brand.

For education clients, working with Modernist translates to increased student satisfaction, minimized attrition, and improved graduation rates

“…The team at Modernist have been great partners to HMH…This includes really uncovering user needs, helping us put together an overall UX strategy, doing both high and low level design work, acting as product owners and/or project managers when needed, and providing concrete advice on how to improve our processes and teams.”

Peter George, Chief Technology Officer
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Impactful design is fueled by keen strategy steeped in meaningful research.

Modernist can help you harness the power of design to visualize the future.

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