The Modernist team is
dedicated to this ethos:

Get out of the building.

Empathy is everything. We can only learn human needs—and uncover problem areas—by meeting people where they are. So we engage people in thoughtful dialogue and watch them work and play, in their space, not ours.

Iterate with curiosity.

Evolution requires being open to change. Human systems are flexible, should be questioned, and can be altered. We scrutinize assumptions and go all the way back to root causes to begin our explorations.

Don’t just talk about it. Make it.

Pictures have power. We go out of our way to bring ideas to life through visualizations that shape stories, have meaning, and bolster support.

Have an opinion.

Big transformation comes from bold ideas. We bring unique perspectives to the table to help drive great work forward.

Live and die by quality.

Work is only as good as the caliber of the people creating it. We scale our team thoughtfully—and pitch who you get—which makes every project team an A team.

Make Things That Matter

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Big news! Our design studio has been acquired by Gorilla Logic, significantly expanding our capabilities to include extensive software development services.